Stay in the Newest Hotels and Resorts

What We Do

Find fresh and new hotels and resorts, all brand new or recently renovated in the past year or so. Stay at nice, fresh places when you travel. Let us help you locate the newest hotels offering grand openings, newly remodeled, or very new offerings from the smallest B&B to the largest chain.

How it Works

Founded in 2007, Newsleeps! gathers up information about which hotels have just opened, are opening soon, or  have been recently renovated in about the last year or so old.

Important: Because hotels and resorts may get unexpected delays in their exact opening dates, be sure to verify reservations before showing up!  Just because a hotel announces it is open does not mean that they are really ready for business. Its always good to ask about construction first!

Since Newsleeps! can not actually visit every hotel listed, use your own judgement and do not try to hold us responsible. We only consolidate the information provided to us by the various hotels and resorts.

Note that some hotels may say that they are brand new, but in reality, really are not. Unfortunately, we can not guarantee they are new. This is another good reason to give them a quick call to ask. We can only report on what they tell us, either via their web sites or other information sources.


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